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Internal Medicine/Endocrinology

Hyper/Hyponatremia: Osmolality differentiates between real and factitious hyponatremia. Urine osmolality helps identify the genesis of hypo- and hyper-natremia.

Inappropriate ADH Syndrome: Serum and urine osmolality help determine whether SIADH is present in a patient with normal blood volume.

ADH Therapy: Urine osmolality provides a rapid measure of patient response, assisting therapy modification.

Diabetes Insipidus: Urine osmolality can measure the effects of humoral factors and offers rapid determination of the disease’s etiology.

Insulin therapy: Osmolality provides rapid assessment of the effectiveness of the insulin therapy.

Differential diagnosis of polyuria: Osmolality can help to differentiate between diabetes insipidus and psychogenic polyuria.